Pastor Hubrecht Lasten

Pastor Hubrecht Lasten was radically saved on the 3rd of April 2016. The Lord Jesus used Pastor Lucky Ekentason to bring a dramatic change in the life of this man. His conversion is such a one that everybody gives glory to God for changing him. He has a special gift of help. Always there for everybody.  Since his conversion, he has done a whole lot of restitution, transformation and separation. During his conversion, he became an instrument with which God used to save his then female partner. This partner is today after their separation a huge asset to the HLM and to the Kingdom of God. She is Deaconess Fenny Albus. A great teacher of the Word. Pastor Hubrecht Lasten was not just only involved in the evangelism department of the church; he was also a leader with the “Intercessory Team” of the church. On the 4th of February 2024 he was ordained a branch pastor to lead the Holy Life Ministries in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Pastor Hubrecht was born in the Island of the Curacao.