The Holy Life Ministries is situated in Tilburg, in the Netherlands. We are fully a registered church with the KvK (The Chambers of Commerce) in the Netherlands. Also, we are a member of ANBI (charities) institutions which are designate as ANBI in the Netherlands which have some tax advantages.
The primary purpose of the Holy Life Ministries is to preach the gospel. Among other purposes are:
• The preaching of the Word of God with the sole purpose of bringing salvation to the lost souls and to get them converted in Christ.
• Making disciples of them in line with the Word of God to walk daily with the Lord Jesus and to have the character of Christ.
• To help the people to find the calling of God for their lives and to fulfill it.
• To teach the Bible and to motivate the people to grow in all areas of their spiritual life based on the Word of God.
• To promote a positive and godly influence in the society through faith that is in Christ.
Holy Life Ministries is expected to expand within the near future. Prevailing costs experienced a sharp increase, this was due to an ongoing project. However, the coming years will experience budget increase in the following sections:

  • Operating Costs
  • Church Property
  • Project Costs