Sister Jenniffer Ekentason

Sister Jenniffer, is the wife of the Senior Pastor of the Holy Life Ministries, Pastor Lucky Ekentason. She is ordained as a Teacher of the Word. She is also the leader of the “Soul Breakfast” Teachers. The “Soul Breakfast” is a participatory class during the Sunday School session. She has been tremendously supportive and dedicated in the running of the ministry with the husband from the onset. She was involved in many departments of the church in the early stage of the ministry, both in choir team and as the leader of the HLM Women’s Leaders respectively. She also teaches the “Soul Breakfast” class and does supervise the Video Team as well. Sister Jenniffer was born in Mumbai, India and is now a naturalized Dutch citizen. She and the husband have three teenage boys, Edozie, Alozie and Emezie.