Pastor Taiwo Osinowo

Pastor Taiwo Osinowo is passionate and committed. A very faithful individual to have as a leader and pastor in any given ministry. He joined the HLM with his family in 2005, and since then has been very faithful in all ramifications. He was brought up in a very strict Christian home and environment, single handedly by his pious mother. The godly background he experienced helped him through his life journey to this very day.

God has used him and his entire family to build, support and minister in the church and to the people of God. He was ordained a pastor in the church on May 29, 2017. He is the Praise & Worship leader and handles the Media section of the ministry. Pastor Taiwo, originally from Nigeria is naturalized Dutch citizen. He is married to Sister Christien Osinowo and they both have four lovely and committed grownup children.